Aquarium re-seeding kit

The daphbio® re-seeding kit for seawater aquariums reproduces the crucial food chain as can be observed in the natural environment in reefs: microfauna, micro-organisms, bacterio-plankton and meiofauna. Over the decades, daphbio has developed the idea that a marine reef aquarium with no microfauna just doesn’t work! Or that its absence can indicate that something is not right.

With its 3 bottles, the reseeding kit offers a consistent whole, including bacteria, diversified microfauna, zooplankton (Zoo Booster) and phytoplankton (Microfauna Booster). We recommend the reseeding kit for regular maintenance or as soon as the microfauna disappears or decreases in your aquarium.





The essential daphbio® re-seeding kit

Much more so than freshwater aquarium keeping, saltwater and reef aquarium keeping features the presence of micro life, microfauna and various micro-organisms vital for the good health and maintenance of a saltwater aquarium. Just as our digestive system needs bacteria to absorb and eliminate nutrients, a reef and saltwater aquarium needs micro-organisms for proper development and growth.

Any decrease or absence of microfauna in a reef aquarium must be remedied, and the reasons must be investigated. It is just as important as the right NO₂, NO₃ and PO₄ levels. It regulates gas transfer, prevents development of cyanobacteria and invasive filamentous and encrusting algae, feeds all of the aquarium’s occupants and can be maintained continuously by using our kit.

A reef aquarium supports a full biological cycle which goes from bacteria to fish via coral, scavengers and microfauna, which play a major role.

This cycle is a succession of levels, embedded within each other. Daphbio® has opted to deal with the problem in the round, and to offer a comprehensive set inside a single kit. Daphbio live microfauna is a unique product sold only by daphbio. It is a work of living art, consisting of harvesting seeded microfauna, ready to lay and culture your aquarium. Our cultures, which are particularly resistant to extreme temperatures and being transported, are specially grown for the sole purpose of (re)seeding your aquarium. The daphbio® re-seeding kit for seawater aquariums offers a coherent whole, including bacteria, diversified microfauna, zooplankton and phytoplankton, essential to the food chain’s balance.

The outcome of years of experience, our products will allow you to:

  • comprising natural live rocks, artificial inert rocks (such as Aquaroche, for example) or a mixture of both types;
  • reseed a reef or fish only saltwater aquarium;
  • boost and maintain a saltwater aquarium;
  • colonise sand and rocks with bacteria and microfauna.


The kit contains 3 bottles:

When can the daphbio® reseeding kit be used?

  • You have started a reef aquarium without the daphbio® start-up kit and you notice that the start-up is sub-optimal.
  • You have bought, or plan to buy, small fish (mandarins, minnows) or delicate coral.
  • You have experienced an episode of cyanobacteria, derbesia, diatoms or filamentous algae.
  • Your aquarium has experienced a crash.
  • You are changing aquarium.
  • Before you leave to go on holiday and on your return.
  • To overcome “old tank syndrome” problems.
  • The setting up of an annex aquarium, a refugium or settling tank.
  • We recommend using our reseeding kit every three to six months, or whenever microfauna decreases, and before it disappears.

If you find yourself in one of the situations listed above, then your aquarium will derive great benefits and advantages from using the reseeding kit.

Usage recommendations

On receiving your kit, pour the whole bottle of meiofauna and microfauna eggs into your aquarium, with the skimmer switched off.

Refer to the instructions for >Zoo Booster® and >Microfauna Booster®, available on their respective pages, and shake them before use.

Use Microfauna Booster and Zoo Booster with the skimmer switched off, for a period of one hour to overnight.

To reseed aquariums of:

- 30 to 100 litres, use the 250-ml size reseeding kit;

- 100 to 500 litres, use the 500-ml size reseeding kit;

- 500 to 1,000 litres, use two 500-ml reseeding kits (the kits come in litre bottles)

For larger aquariums, we recommend contacting us so as to use 1-litre or 5-litre bottles. Tel.: +33 (0)6 03 31 33 28

Microfauna Booster and Zoo Booster at the bottom of the fridge, at 4°C.

Expert advice

(for completely successful reseeding, we recommend you add Bactoreef to your basket)

For effective microfauna reseeding, use >Bactoreef in the morning, with the skimmer switched on.

For 250-ml size reseeding kits, order 250 ml of Bactoreef.

For 500-ml size reseeding kits, order 500 ml of Bactoreef.

For aquariums sized 800-1,000 litres and larger, buy 2 × 500 ml reseeding kits plus 1 litre of Bactoreef.

Use >Coral Booster, in small doses, three times per week – excellent for development of microfauna and for filtering organisms.


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