Bactofresh is a collection of live freshwater bacteria for freshwater aquarium start-up or maintenance and demanding aquascapers.

Regulates the nitrogen cycle, NO₃ and PO₄. Eliminates waste.

Bactofresh helps fight against substrate depletion.



Bactofresh, a live bacteria concentrate specifically for your freshwater aquarium.

A bespoke, innovative, biological and live product.

Bactofresh comprises a very broad spectrum of live, freshwater nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria, which are grown for their ability to reduce nitrite and ammonia levels, and then convert them into reusable nitrate and nitrogen.

Bactofresh bacteria reactivate themselves and multiply once poured into the aquarium. They are ideal whenever you initiate, start or move your aquarium and for regular maintenance.

Bactofresh is an innovative, 100%-organic, live product that is very economical. It is the living core of the aquarium – the sand, the filtering medium, plant roots and the rocks. A few drops are enough for maintenance purposes.

Unlike one-shot or single-dose products, a minimum dose is enough to keep your aquarium in perfect health.

Hygienic and practical, using the pipette will enable you to economise on use of the product.

Bactofresh serves to :

  1. improve elimination of nitrites, waste and organic matter;
  2. provide a large population of fish and invertebrates;
  3. combat depletion of the substrate and aquatic plant roots;
  4. prevent or eliminate undesirable cyanobacteria and filamentous algae;
  5. assist aquascaping by recreating the substrate’s micro-life, vital to plants’ absorption of fertiliser and CO₂, to provide optimum root and leaf growth.

For more information, please see the technical sheet available as a PDF file.



Download (164.3k)

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